Safe & Sound Ministries was birthed from Echo Christian Fellowship, a church whose special emphasis has become adults with mental illness and/or cognitive disabilities in need of supportive fellowship and encouragement to grow and become all that God has placed in them to be.  As the church began to grow in this very special niche, the Lord led them to start a new non-profit, Safe & Sound Ministries, for the purpose of assisting with the quality of life of “diversely-abled” individuals. 

Our initial focus is housing, and to that end, our first official home was started in 2020, housing up to 5 individuals at any given time.  Household members share in responsibilities in addition to paying rent, and they learn to care for each other as a family. In 2021, Safe & Sound is making plans for a second home and possibly hiring an executive director.  Our long-term housing goal is to open multiple homes large enough to house 5-12 people. 

Sometimes we’re asked, “Are these homes licensed and supervised?”  Our homes are unlicensed, as they are not intended to be adult foster care facilities.  Instead, they are an alternative form of safe, cooperative housing for high-functioning individuals who are willing and able to take care of each other in a loving, family environment.  Oversight is provided via routine visits by a ministry director, similar to many room and board residences.  Assistance is provided based on each person’s needs, and might involve healthcare advocacy, help with Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and other agency applications, and/or, in some special cases, guardianship or representative payee services.  All services are provided free of charge as God enables our volunteers and the household members to help each other on their way.