Thank you for considering supporting our ministry!  Your donation will help to provide a safe and affordable home to some of our most vulnerable neighbors.  Beyond housing, we surround each person with love and respect and help them to open up to possibilities that they thought were closed because of a disability or mental illness.  We celebrate their “diverse-abilities” and show them that they are  capable of living out their dreams, no matter their past or present challenges.  Here’s how you can help:

There is a fee associated with donating via PayPal for credit card processing.

  • Mail a check to Safe & Sound Ministries at 2840 W Clarkston Rd, Lake Orion, MI 48362
  • Donate via Facebook Fundraiser (no fee!  Just select Non-Profit and enter Safe & Sound Ministries as your non-profit and we’ll receive the funds in a month or so)